Traffic is your currency

If you have traffic you can make money with no ads

Why almost 1,500 websites use Bitway.

Any traffic, any content

There is no approval. We accept everything: mobile and desktop, mainstream and adult.

Seamless integration

Set up Bitway with 2 lines of JavaScript code in a matter of seconds. It's easy and free to join.

No space needed

Your banners are invisible for users. No changes required in your website layout. NO ADS!

Clean profit

Earn on time users spend on your website. It’s additional income that does not interfere with any other revenue i.e. ads.

Set and forget

No continuous testing & optimization to ensure highest performance. We take care of everything.

Resistant to AdBlock

Your revenue is independent from any ads so you don’t care about users blocking them.

Used by known websites

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Reporting in your dashboard

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Frequently asked question

Answers for all kinds of questions. Big and small.

  • How does it work?

    Bitway offers a JavaScript miner for Bitcoin that you can embed in your website. Every user visiting your website run the miner directly in his Browser and mine BTC for your account.

  • Will this work on my site?

    Of course! With just 100 active users on your website, you can expect a monthly revenue of about $260 (~0.05 BTC ). If you run a streaming site, a community site, an online game or anything else where you can give your users an incentive to stay, then by all means: Try it.

  • How can I get paid?

    You can choose if you want to receive payout in BTC or USD. Currently, we support the following payment systems: Bitcoin, PayPal, WebMoney and traditional bank transfer. The minimum payout threshold is 50 USD (~0.01 BTC). Payouts are fully automated and are initiated every day. If you reach the minimum payout threshold, you'll automatically receive your money in the next batch.

  • Can I use Bitway with Google Adsense ads or other ad networks?

    You can use our miner with any ad network you want.

  • What traffic do you accept?

    We accept any traffic. It doesn’t matter if it’s mobile, desktop or which country.

  • Where can I check statistics?

    Just login to your account. Our statistics update in real time.

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Get to know about Bitway

In a world where ads are fading and user experience is paramount we designed Bitway to achieve one aim: our clients’ success.

Bitway, the world’s first webminer provides a way to get Bitcoin via web browser using CPU power. It is based on the concept of sharing economy by connecting publishers and suppliers of computing power from all over the world. It’s a simple and effective way for publishers to make money. They benefit from our unique combination of industry know-how and advanced technology. So, how do we achieve our aim? We guarantee results. A bold claim for most, but not us.




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